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        Redshank riders is one of several BCHC units in this area, we are under the umbrella of the state and national organizations.  Backcountry Horsemen of California (BCHC) is a group of dedicated men and women working to preserve the historic use of trails with recreational pack and saddle stock.  We perform public service activities for numerous land management agencies and we are continually working to educate our members on how to be "Gentle Users."

        The use of livestock has played an important role in the American culture. California and the western states have particularly had a long tradition of using pack and saddle stock in the backcountry.  BCHC carries on this tradition in modern times.  With this use comes the responsibility and obligation to care for our public lands and to ensure their use for future generations, we do this by participating in volunteer work, user education and political awareness.

        Backcountry Horsemen of California works in cooperation with government agencies, as well as hikers, mountain bikers and other organizations concerned with responsible backcountry use.  We help clear trails, maintain historic sites, construct new facilities, sponsor educational seminars and clinics, and assist with service projects as requested.  We also strive to stay current on relevant issues and to provide input on management plans and activities that pertain to backcountry trails on public lands.  When land or trails are closed, we all lose out.  All users need to work together if we are to succeed in our goals.  We work towards our goals by focusing on Service Projects, Education, and Public land issues.

        Membership in BCHC is open to any individual or family sharing the concerns of the organization.  There are numerous units throughout the State.  We encourage you to join Redshankriders, we are a group in the Agaunga/Anza area just minutes from downtown Temecula, made up of all ages and experience levels, we sponsor fun and relaxing local rides for all types of riders.  We ride in all sorts of events from the Anza 4th of July parade, to rides on the beach at Fiesta Island in San Diego.  We sponsor several events that involve lots of riding, Great food, Raffles, prizes, and tons of fun and frivolity!!  We make every effort to accommodate every one.  We are very diverse and we would love to meet you so, join up and bring your mule or horse to our next event and say Howdy!!

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